Business Skills Training with Force7

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Hiring managers typically look for job candidates with both specific hard skills and soft skills. Hard skills are job-specific skills like knowing a computer language such as C#. Soft skills, however, relate to interpersonal skills that involve relating to people in communication, networking, teamwork, creative thinking, leadership and conflict management. In 2018, Linkedin surveyed 2,000 business leaders and asked them the soft skills they’d most like to see their employees learn. These critical areas were leadership, communication, collaboration and time management. 

Force7 has aligned itself with only the top instructors who are experts in their subject matter. Many have over 20 years of instruction experience in their fields and have instructed large government agencies and Fortune 500 companies across the USA and internationally. If you are looking for expert training in leadership, management or other areas, contact us directly at 719-298-4047 or